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The Enthusiast's Bundle

  • Moon Collector's Edition and Dragon's Tale #1, I Will Save You #1, Cosmic Cowboys #1 and JONI #1. Combined it includes:

    • First Print editions of Beyond the Bunker's newest titles:Cosmic Cowboys #1 (Written and illustrated by Steve Penfold)JONI#1 (Written by Craig Connolly and drawn by Steve Penfold) I Will Save You #1 (Written by Craig Connolly and Lillie Harvey) and Dragon's Tale #1 (Written by Craig Connolly and drawn by Enola Morgan).
    • Signed, sealed Moon # 1-6 (All copies signed by Dan Thompson, Steve Penfold and Ivanna Matilla including Sketch Cover Moon 4 featuring a one-of-a-kind sketch cover by Steve Penfold (Artist on Moon) and Team Moon Limited Edition Wraparound Hologram cover Moon #6