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When a combat Mech on active manoeuvres in Bolivia demonstrates creative, emotional and lateral thought it throws a tight combat unit and the attached technical staff, including it's creator into a philosophical whirlwind. When does something simply  stop being an object to be used and what happens if it does? 


Action, espionage, intrigue and grounded science fiction blend in this subtle and exciting script by Craig Connolly, supported by Steve Penfold (Moon, Cosmic Cowboys) and newcomer Eros De Nardi as colourist. 





Comics Multiplier!

  • Approximately 4 billion years ago life appeared on our planet, whether it was in a muddy rock pool struck by lightning, or from chemical compounds delivered by meteor, we don't know for certain and we probably never will. All we know is, life happened. 

    And it can happen again.

    The idea that life could be created at any time seems easy to dismiss but, with the technology of the 21st Century, where the line separating man from machine grows thinner by the day, it could happen when we're not looking. Or it could happen when we're staring it right in the face. Or worse: it could happen in the middle of best laid plans, made by dangerous men. 

    This story is about just that.