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Shades Rodriguez was a very capable traffic warden - perhaps a little too capable. Over three hundred unauthorised weapon discharges, £2.4 million in parking fines collected on his watch and £5.8 million in property damage caused by it. Perhaps as part of his plea bargain not to be incarcerated for life as a very real danger to the public, Shades finds his special abilities for chaos and carnage uniquely at home with The Agency. 

A violent and unpredictable quotient in the calmest of situations - the Agency provides Shades (and Moon) with missions so outlandish that make it a wonder he hasn't blown himself (and Moon) to smithereens so far... but perhaps that was always part of the plan.... ...... (cough)..... 

Full name: Shades Linus Rodriguez
Titles: Moon: Volume 1 1-6, Moon vs The Ghost of Lee Van Cleef, Moon and Shades Colouring and Activity Book
Planned titles: Moon: Volume 2, Moon: Volume 3, Shades: Nightshift and many more.
Known Affiliations: Metropolitan Police (as a traffic warden), The Agency, RSPCA
Known Allies: Moon, Chief 
Known enemies: Agent Seven, Bunbun Warmheart, Keith, The Coven of Mercenaries (Bingo-Moles), inherent logic, physical restraint


Steve Says: 'Dan (Creator and writer of Moon) claims that Shades is based on me. I've tried very hard to be offended by that statement except that when the smoke settles and the rubble cleared Shades always, somehow, remains one of my favourite characters. Not sure that translates to similar traits in real life I admit... '

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