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Full name: Bunbun Warmheart
Aliases: 'Oh look Mummy... a cute bear!' or 'Schnugglewuggles.'
Titles: Moon: Volume 1 1-6
Planned titles: None (Yet) 
Known Affiliations: Dedicated Workers for East Essex Bears (Leader)
Known Allies: Agent Seven, Bunbun Warmheart, Keith, The Coven of Mercenaries (Bingo-Moles), Faceless Puppet Master 
Known enemies: Moon, Shades, Ray Barton, Chief, Fire

A militant nihilist driven by delusions of the perceived mistreatment of cuddly toys modelled on wild animals, Bunbun once had it all to live for. 

One dead hooker in a hotel room later and Bunbun fled to Africa where he briefly enjoyed the position of 'Local Warlord'. He has since served as a mercenary around the world before returning to the UK to exact revenge on those he felt wronged him. 

Fiercely anti-authoritarian and driven with the will of a much larger, more realistic bear, Bunbun is no small adversary. A match being perhaps his only match - Bunbun won't stop until the government and all it's various agencies are annihalated!

Steve Says: 'Not sure there's much I can say about Bunbun really. Fairly sure he speaks for himself.  Dan (creator and writer of Moon) wrote an incredibly sophisticated figure into such a diminutive.. um... figure.'

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