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Oh Ray. What can you say about Ray? One of the nicest guys on the force. The guy can do no wrong. He's worked with Moon now (if we are in 2012) for ... 16 wonderful, productive, positive years. 

His wife has made such wonderful cakes for The Agency Bring and Buy Sale. You'll never meet better behaved and yet surprisingly confident and witty children than those Ray has brought up. Lovely family... lovely family... 

Moon's moral compass through the nineties and noughties - moon couldn't have asked for a better partner to face danger with...

Where is he now?  


I'm sorry, I have to go... I think someone is calling...

Full name: Ray Elijah Barton
Titles: Moon: Volume 1 
Planned titles: Moon: Secret Christmas Special 
Known Affiliations: The Agency, Catford and Bromley Synagogue
Known Allies: Moon, Chief 
Known enemies: Agent Seven, Bunbun Warmheart, Keith, The Coven of Mercenaries (Bingo-Moles), Nazis


Steve Says: 'Given Dan's (creator and writer of Moon) dislike of horror films because, and I quote ',why watch horrible things keep happening to people?' it is remarkable how Ray is treated in the opening issues of Moon Volume 1. However, you've gotta read it. It's very funny.'

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