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Full name: Unknown
Titles: Cosmic Cowboys Volume 1
Planned titles: None (Yet)
Known Affiliations: 
Known Allies: Ironjaw, Jake Sidewinder, Spidera, Cactus Jack, Tombstone
Known Enemies:  Sgt Alpha Cody, Chief Iron Lance, Soaring Eagle, Brand, Buck Meteor 

The perfect example of when science needs to stop and think for a minute before carrying on and bringing something to life.
Built to roam the wasteways of the battered front lines of intergalactic conflict, Void-bots are multiple sizes and shapes but unstoppably deadly. Never tired, never uncertain, never merciful. 
Some, decommissioned, most likely for alien/human rights violations are allowed to walk free and become highly sought after mercenaries. 

To add to the incredible threat a Void-bot poses it runs on a dark matter core engine which if pierced will consume all matter for a light year in all directions. So restraint is advised when fighting this thing? That'll just get you murdered. 
For most, running is the only choice when faced with
a Void-bot. 

Steve Says: 'I like to create characters I have literally no idea how to beat. Although many of the characters came from NeMa from the original 80s IP,  Voidbot was my first truly original addition to the universe and I've set myself up beautifully. How do I kill it? I already have a few ideas but really we'll all have to find out together.'

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