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Star Marshall Colt Laezor

Full name: Star Marshal Colt Laezor
Titles: Cosmic Cowboys Volume 1
Planned titles: None (Yet)
Known Affiliations: Cosmic Cowboys, Federal Law Enforcement Agency of Planets
Known Allies: Sgt Alpha Cody, Chief Iron Lance, Soaring Eagle, Brand, Buck Meteor
Known Enemies: Ironjaw, Jake Sidewinder, Spidera, Cactus Jack, Tombstone, Voidbot  

A highly decorated Star Marshal relegated to likely end his career on a spit-ball planet on an outer spiral arm of the galaxy. Any other man might see this as a rebuff to his illustrious career - but Colt has seen his fair share of bitter disappointment and embraces the chance to clean up crime-ridden Plunder.

Steve Says: 'Colt is never going to let you down. His is a life long pursuit of justice and safety for all. At great personal cost. The ultimate reversal of Ironjaw's corruption - Colt is the moral centre of the Cowboys. A centre that will be buffeted a great deal as events unfold.'

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