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Tombstone 2.png


Full name: Unknown
Titles: Cosmic Cowboys Volume 1
Planned titles: None (Yet)
Known Affiliations: 
Known Allies: Ironjaw, Jake Sidewinder, Spidera, Cactus Jack, Voidbot
Known Enemies:  Sgt Alpha Cody, Chief Iron Lance, Soaring Eagle, Brand, Buck Meteor 

Savage and loyal, Tombstone is often found sent out solo or with his colleague Cactus Jack. A brutal killer, his dispassionate attitude to the lives of others often descends to boredom. This in turn reveals an undercurrent of pleasure in torture and sadism. A true psychotic killer - he measures himself very carefully against his fellow killers - seeing the murderous missions he is sent on as competitions to prove who can do the worst, best.
Another minion who's past remains a mystery - if there's a population of skinless, bull-skulled aliens out there no one is looking for them. And no-one in their right mind looks for Tombstone.  

Steve Says: 'In a cabal of pure evil, Tombstone stands out as a true figure of horror. Not just in the way he looks but somehow, as his personality has developed as a character I've grown to really dislike him. If anyone favours genuine chills then hold out for a Tombstone heavy storyline.'

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