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Iron Jaw 2.png


Full name: Unknown
Titles: Cosmic Cowboys Volume 1
Planned titles: None (Yet)
Known Affiliations: Forsaken Brotherhood
Known Allies: Spidera, Cactus Jack, Tombstone, Voidbot, Jake Sidewinder
Known enemies: Star Marshal Colt Laezor, Sgt Alpha Cody, Chief Iron Lance, Soaring Eagle, Brand, Buck Meteor 


Ironjaw is the mysterious leader of the Forsaken, having risen through the ranks through guile and murder. Seemingly trapped on Plunder, Ironjaw has wasted little time  securing what power is available to him. With a gang as powerful and deadly as The Forsaken in his grasp there's no way to tell where his ambitions will end.

Steve Says: 'Ironjaw is one of the reasons I hope the Cosmic Cowboys comic gets real traction and becomes hugely popular. Ironjaw s the villain the world deserves right now. I'm pulling out all the stops to make him a GREAT read.' 

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