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Moon 4


Comics Multiplier!

  • Rise: Part 4

    In the year 12AD a group of Celtic druids summoned the spirit of The Moon to earth and bound it in human form – a cosmic guardian, sworn to protect Britain from all who would do her harm. He is Moon.

    While investigating the death of a parish councillor, Moon and his partner, Ray, are attacked by high tech assassins. With the help of maverick traffic warden, Shades Rodriguez,  Moon manages to escape the deadly trap, but not before Ray is shot and killed!  

    Working together Moon and Shades learn that the culprit behind the murders is a rogue teddy bear named Bun Bun Warmheart. Desperate to get answers before the pen pushers at the Toy Safety Commission shut them down, our heroes let the bear escape hoping he will lead them to his co-conspirators…