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This issue is also available as part of the Collectors Edition Bundle, Enthusiasts Bundle, Starters Bundle or the Works Bundle - signed by the entire creative team: Dan Thompson, Steve Penfold and Ivanna Matilla. Why not check them out first? 

Moon 2


Comics Multiplier!

  • In the year 12AD a group of Celtic druids summoned the spirt of the Moon and bound it in human form - a cosmic guardian, sworn to protect Britain from all who would do her harm. He is Moon.

    Moon and hs partner, Ray, have been investigating the murder of a prominent local council member. All signs seem to point to the crime being committed by a baby with a grudge, but what could possibly drive an infant to such a crime? 

    After a run in with an overzealous traffic warden named Shades Rodriguez, Moon and Ray decide to grab a coke float at a local diner but half way through the meal a group of black clad super-mercs burst in!

    They're hell-bent of ordering a takeout... ad top of their list are Moon and Ray!