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Cactus Jack.PNG


Full name: Jack (presumably)
Titles: Cosmic Cowboys Volume 1
Planned titles: None (Yet)
Known Affiliations: 
Known Allies: Ironjaw, Jake Sidewinder, Spidera, Tombstone, Voidbot
Known Enemies:  Sgt Alpha Cody, Chief Iron Lance, Soaring Eagle, Brand, Buck Meteor 

Little is known about this man-plant. Result of aggressive bio-manipulation, an accident of birth or an isolated member of an otherwise unknown alien species? Nobody seems to know - including Jack himself. However, as is typical of Cactus Jack and his prickly nature he couldn't give a 'crap in a handbag'. 
A relatively quiet henchman he often surprises with a particularly notable turn of phrase that cuts to the point with brutal and dispassionate precision.
Completely amoral, Jack is one of Iron Jaw's most dangerous enforcers. Loyal and unflinching he enacts the most heinous acts on those he's set upon with a disconnected glee at completing a hard job. 

Steve Says: 'Cactus Jack has similarities with side characters that become as iconic as the leaders and protagonists of any story. He simply won't stay in the background, no matter how hard i try to put him there. A great character with a great many fun possibilities.'

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